December 18, 2014

Our Cozy Christmas Table 2014

 photo 7d0fbef8-f4a2-480b-8bd9-e7f7eb1c002a_zps7ccdf553.jpg

Good Morning!  Today I wanted to share my Christmas table with you.  We will be heading out to enjoy a few days in Lake Tahoe, but then back home to spend Christmas here.  Since I'm sure I will be exhausted when we return, I decided to set up our table so that when we get back it's ready to go for our little family Christmas at home.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I found these darling plates at Marshalls and I absolutely love the sweet, simple designs on each one.  I think they will be making an appearance for many years.  My children have already picked their favorites to place on their spots and they will serve as our special little place cards.  A tradition in the making!

 photo ee4ae91c-4057-4a40-87d2-73d923c0721f_zps6bafd516.jpg

 photo 813a9cff-fe7c-4a4c-b9b8-ad9c5f26a807_zps4ad675d5.jpg

For my centerpiece, I placed a tray to hold some of our Christmas gifts.  Separate from our Santa presents, we will be giving Preston and Lyla each one gift, so I placed those here, along with our gifts to one another.  I thought it might be nice to open those after we finish dinner now that our children are at an age where sitting together at the dinner table is an enjoyable time together.

 photo 108331fc-af5a-4e1f-9f34-1d97238484d9_zps35ad67be.jpg

 photo 2d5e5534-cb5f-4284-9cba-e2c9e3ab0ee6_zps4d99ae5b.jpg

 photo 51799b44-a001-48fe-8398-21c14bca7f2f_zps1841d144.jpg

I added a little fresh greenery to the center to finish off the look and we are all ready to enjoy our Christmas dinner together!

December 15, 2014

Dear Santa Letter

 photo 4e4b123d-92e6-44b5-a400-09f505744243_zpsd2662e0a.jpg

Hey there!  Is this holiday season zooming by for you guys?  How is it that we are in our last few days of school before Christmas break?  I seriously can't believe it.  We are leaving for a ski trip in a couple of days, so in between rounding up cold weather gear, last minutes school projects, cheer competitions, basketball practice and Christmas shopping, we also started thinking about our letter and treats that we are going to put out for Santa before we leave.  Because even with our crazy, busy schedule, the treats for Santa are a big deal for a couple of kiddos in  my house :)

 photo ba0be4e4-0735-4181-b239-e02ddd949857_zpscf16e758.jpg

 photo 4ee94f4e-4f1f-42bd-9d78-b14e60729735_zps1850e7d5.jpg

This letter is one that we have been putting out the last couple of years and I still just love it.  I think it helps remind my children the true meaning of Christmas and adds the whimsy of Santa too.  It's short and sweet, but gets the message about where our focus should be.

 photo d111a054-707f-4f57-a352-e9bc1ab36e46_zpsbb355b69.jpg

 photo f3d7a557-0034-42d0-8d5a-59171b76b484_zps31ddee4f.jpg

Does your family have any fun traditions that ya'll do the night before Santa comes to visit? 

Have a great day!