August 1, 2014

July Recap

Hello August!  Let the countdown to school begin.  In the meanwhile, I'm planning to savor each and every last day we have left of our summer before all the school work and activities kick back in!

In case you missed anything while you were out enjoying your summer, here's a look back at some of the highlights happening around our home this past month :)

 photo IMG_4180-002_zps5990f3ca.jpg

Strawberry Cheesecake Lush - it's amazing!  Full recipe here.

 photo 6739382e-dac1-4fd4-ab7a-cdaf9bb35333_zpse0cdc638.jpg

My summer mantel - bright and simple.  More details here.

 photo 1c73ccb1-096e-4322-99b1-bb787c01efac_zpsf5caf850.jpg

Homemade Sour Cream Pancakes - a new favorite in our home this summer.  Recipe here.

 photo 3551b2fb-1098-4dad-9723-43709f88af17_zps2fe5215a.jpg

Our latest project - a new window seat to conceal our electrical equipment.  Full post here.

 photo d88ca893-e52f-45b7-b5dd-2252ece7c148_zps7bc5f975.jpg

Fresh mango salsa - yummy!  If you want to make you some, click here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

July 30, 2014

fashion finds // necklaces

 photo e0a947fa-a418-4956-ad8a-c7f4b97a4e0a_zpsd752f5ee.jpg

Hi there!  How is your week going?  Can you believe it will be August 1st in two more days...what??  I kind of freaked out the other day, thinking about all the "summer bucket list" activities I still wanted to do before the kids go back to school.  I'm just not to the point of being ready for all the schedules yet.  You?

Anyways...are you a big statement necklace lover or do you prefer a more simple style necklace?  For me it depends on the occasion.  The big necklaces are super popular and it seems like the bigger and more colorful the necklace the better.  I'm all about a statement necklace if I'm a little more dressy, but I still seem to be more drawn to a little more simple piece for everyday occasions.  And yellow gold jewelry is my favorite!  I don't even know if I own a piece of silver jewelry ;)  So, because I have an important event coming up soon, I've been browsing outfits and accessories as well.  These necklaces below were some of my favorites for a more simple gold piece!

 photo necklaces_zps199073ad.png

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Are you a silver or gold jewelry lover?  Or maybe you love both??

Have a great day!!

 photo dad7b312-8d56-4be1-ae46-d73daa55105b_zps8ee97882.jpg

P.S. Update!!!  This beauty above is on sale!  Even though I love all the lovely gold ones for everyday wear, I couldn't pass up this one today!  I just love all the different colors and shapes!  Head over to Off 5th and get you one!  I couldn't find the link online, otherwise I would share it :)

July 28, 2014

Window Seat / Electrical Cord Concealor

 photo fef22d49-c81b-47fb-9b81-dfb0b16a6938_zps90f45eef.jpg

 photo eb7251c1-f7f8-499d-a2a2-cc2a00594a12_zps206dd957.jpg

Hi there!  How was your weekend?  We stayed in town and knocked out a couple of projects that have been on our to-do-list forever!  And one of those projects was to fix our electrical cord problem in our home office.  As you can see in the pictures below, it was a mess.  At one time, when we first moved into our home, we had the desk in front of the window and it concealed all the cords, the modem, phone receiver, etc.   But when we painted and rearranged our office furniture over a year ago, we were left with a mess of cords.

 photo 9b2b6f40-1c22-4579-91c5-39addbb84f92_zps23503682.jpg

So last week when Lyla and I were passing time while Preston was at baseball camp, I spotted this storage bench and knew it would be a perfect solution to this problem.  The only modification we had to make was to drill a hole in the back panel for the cords.  Easy, peasy!! 

 photo d2964156-ac89-4cbb-b550-7e0f27ce56d1_zps3492662d.jpg

 photo ac2dbb01-896a-456b-8abd-178ae6fd2c89_zpsb272f0cb.jpg

 photo d791661b-b9c7-4629-9ff9-a571009050a0_zpsc4b45190.jpg

 photo e208aecb-fa43-4eff-b6dd-8b58501d2fad_zps1f2f674c.jpg

I can't tell you how happy I am with this project!  It was such an eye soar in this space and it could all be seen when you entered the door to our study!  I hope to find some new throw pillows to add to it as well.  When I looked back at the office pictures that I shared here on my blog, I realized that we've made a few updates in this room that I never shared, so I hope to share a few more pics later this week.

Have a beautiful day!