April 23, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

 photo 86bb78f2-9177-4426-820c-c301d695b86a_zpsdekrpjso.jpg

Good morning everyone!  Mother's Day is fast approaching, so I put together a little guide of beautiful gifts that I think would be great to receive on Mother's Day.  I hope you find something for your special mom or maybe you can forward this guide to your hubby to help him with Mother's Day gift ideas ;) 

Have a beautiful day!

April 21, 2015

Spring Window Boxes

 photo 39f46a33-2590-42f1-a573-d24e6f1ebd4b_zpskbbuazyf.jpg

I love gardening, and especially flowerbed gardening.  It's definitely one of my favorite things to do in the Spring time!  Strolling through the garden center is my happy place.  Last week in between all our rain, I squeezed in a little time to get our front window boxes done. 

 photo e2ba11ed-b42e-40be-b3c4-94a0e32bd8c4_zpsw02udrk7.jpg

 photo 6d93e5cb-f1f0-48e6-a4c2-7c3c7f1a9832_zpsmhnjyduq.jpg

 photo 79db478f-ee0f-48bb-a0e3-8f9d617f6245_zpsoprbcb5j.jpg

So this one I finished is below our front study window.  And you might noticed there is also a box under one of our second story windows.  That window is Lyla's room and she keeps begging me to plant something in that one...not going to happen little girl :)  That one will stay decorative only!

 photo 2028b34f-2b3d-4e5d-8dd6-8bd0e1948e81_zpszq89vx2e.jpg

 photo ff4d0cbd-2a92-43fa-bda5-19e36d4932af_zps3iegdou8.jpg

 photo e2ba11ed-b42e-40be-b3c4-94a0e32bd8c4_zpsw02udrk7.jpg

They still need to fill out a bit more, but I already love pulling up to our house and seeing all the colorful blooms.

April 17, 2015

Coral Maxi Crush

 photo 0b802be8-8fce-4e41-9609-93771d7a8fc9_zps197wlnbx.jpg

Happy Friday!  I'm so late getting around to posting today, as my kids had early dismissal today and then friends coming over after school, which left me only a little bit of time to get a million things done.  But I got them fed and settled upstairs with their friends, giving me a little window to share my really cute find with you all, before the sale ends.  I ordered this adorable maxi dress yesterday.  It's on sale for $38 and has over 300 good reviews.  It comes in this yummy coral and black.  I got the coral and can't wait to get it!  I think it will be perfect for Summer.  I love it paired with these earrings and this necklace.  And then finished off with these sandals and this adorable clutch in the taupe color. 

Anyways, Nordstrom is having some great sales right now with up to 40% off.  And with their free shipping and returns, they are one of my favorite stores to shop on-line.

Have a beautiful weekend!