March 24, 2015

From My Kitchen | Round Top

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Hey there!  How was your weekend?  It was super rainy here, but has now cleared out and we have a beautiful forecast ahead.  It was so pretty yesterday after my run that I made my first stop of the season into the Garden Center.  I love Spring when everything is so green and blooming.  I know a lot of people love Fall, but I'm definitely a Spring lover.

Today, I thought I would do a little recipe roundup of a few of my favorites that I myself have made and tested.  Probably my favorite of these favorites is the Chicken and Spinach good!  And the easiest of the these favorites is the Crockpot Burritos...throw in all the ingredients and walk away.  Links to these recipes are listed above and you can also check out my "FOOD" tab for more yummy recipes.

I also wanted to share a little about my weekend with you guys.  I was so excited to finally meet my friend Kris, from Driven By Décor.  She lives in Connecticut and came down to do a little shopping in Round Top (an antique market place) with a group of interior designers, bloggers and shop owners.  Round Top, TX is about 1 1/2 hours from my home, so I drove there on Sunday to meet up with them.  Kris is just as sweet as I thought she would be.  It was a fun day shopping and chit chatting with her!  I also had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly from Off the Cape who lives in Fort Worth, Cindy from Rough Luxe and her daughter who live in California, and Debra from 5th and State who is from Atlanta.  Kris did a great post before she arrived about the weekend, including a little more detail about the other fabulous ladies who attended, and you can check it out here

Enjoy your day!

March 20, 2015

DIY Easter Banner

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Happy Weekend!  I am finally getting some Easter decorations up around our home and wanted to share with you guys.  My kids still get really excited when I put up any kind of holiday decorations, so I wanted to add a few Easter touches to our home.  Not finding a whole lot of décor that I liked in the stores, I decided to make my own.  I love how this little bunny banner turned out...sweet and simple.

 photo 5723f2f7-ceed-4691-bf3a-56a438be27dd_zpsc2rdjtdj.jpg

 photo 4edfcc21-1f05-426b-aa3c-3547ca1bcc41_zpse4wajeoj.jpg

To create this, I only had to buy the canvas banner kit and the stencil, everything else I already had on hand.  I found the banner kit at Michael's and the cute bunny stencil here.  I bought it for $0.99 even though I don't have a silhouette machine.  I figured that I could still print it and then trace it and cut my own stencil.  So that's what I did and it worked well :)  I traced the bunny to the size I wanted on cardstock and then cut it out.  I simply placed it on the canvas banner piece and started painting.  Really easy!

 photo ac52dd68-cb92-4e84-8c0f-e017726ce33a_zpsk7vlcpaj.jpg

 photo 0dfe2d1e-5f98-4409-96eb-f3b84b7b1bf3_zpsp6k1qapx.jpg

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 photo 95118d22-4da1-4306-85b0-f2f047fc628b_zpsenfp96je.jpg

I usually hang all my banners from my mantel, but really liked this one against the white cabinets, so I thought I would try a new spot. 

And totally switching gears...I am extremely excited that we finally bought new tile for our backsplash!!  Now, let's see how long it takes to get it installed...

March 16, 2015

Cabo San Lucas

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Good Morning!  Our Spring Break has now come and gone and it was a great one!  After a rough two weeks leading up to it, we were more than ever really for a vacation.  Grant and I will celebrate 15 years on the 8th of April, so we decided to take a quick trip to Cabo, while the kids spent some time in Shiner with grandparents.  Cabo was amazing and we had the best time!  Although I love taking our kids and they are getting really easy to travel with, it was a nice change to not be in charge of anyone...well for the most part ;)

 photo 8e23a38c-8b63-4bf4-bb9d-230ee142ce28_zpstgbytdtn.jpg

 photo fa1efd38-ec9a-48d2-a46a-0effb22b4a7c_zpseqohex5n.jpg

We didn't do any major excursions, but did a lot of relaxing and eating.  On two occasions I had to wake Grant for really loud snoring on the beach...zzzzzz.  The resort we stayed at was Villa La Estancia and it was perfect.  It was a little ways from all the Spring Break crowd, so it was thankfully fairly quiet. 

 photo 5ffe1fc1-0510-4b28-8a2c-12cd045ce2bb_zpsrpky456k.jpg

 photo d2108a33-38ca-4b7c-8eed-b5fc3b694427_zpscjwcxvu7.jpg

It was overcast one day, so we walked into town and spent a large part of the day there doing more eating and shopping.  We strolled around the marina before heading back to our resort.

 photo a5b4f3d6-73b9-43ff-920e-7a9b5dcbee5b_zpswoudvtj2.jpg

 photo 1aa3b467-2df1-49bd-bbe9-7fdae5ddf70a_zpstiuieb9s.jpg

Our last night in Cabo, we took a cab and had dinner at Hacienda Cocina y Cantina.  It was highly recommended to us by a friend and the food and views were amazing!  And again on this trip, I brought my nice, big camera but didn't take it out of my bag.  So all these pictures are from my phone.  The two pictures above are from my seat at the dinner table. 

 photo fe630ea1-77d0-4c59-9d14-d551c4bab37f_zpsr9o7pbsc.jpg

 photo 1eb3512f-d9fe-4811-88dd-8cb259f21d04_zpso4fmmhpl.jpg

These last two pictures are at our resort.  The first one was down by the pool as it was getting dark and this last one was the view from our balcony as the sun was setting.  Such a beautiful place.

March 13, 2015

New Favorite Dress

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Happy Friday!  Today, I'm keeping it short and sweet, as my kids are still on Spring Break this week and I'm still washing clothes from our trip earlier in the week :)  While I was unpacking clothes, it reminded me about this adorable dress I bought for our trip and I loved it so much, I wanted to share with you all.  It's priced under $50 and comes in four colors.  I bought black, but thinking about ordering it in pink too.  I rolled it in my suitcase and pulled it right out and threw it on.  It's super cute with a long necklace or a statement necklace.  Add a denim jacket, cardigan or scarf to change the look.  Wear it with flip flops or dress it up with heels.  So many options with this one!  As for sizing, it's true to size...I usually wear a 4-6 and I ordered a small.

Anyways, if you're looking for a new LBD that is cute, comfy, affordable and very versatile (lots of adjectives for this one :) I think you'll love this one!

Have a wonderful weekend!