June 29, 2012

lyla's room


And if you're interested in more kid spaces ~ below is our playroom wall storage space
{playroom wall storage system}

June 28, 2012

table tales

Chapter Two
{In case you missed it & you're wondering what this is all about, you can read chapter one here.}

Let's continue.
So the very long, old, tired boards from San Antonio where cut down to a more manageable size at the lumber yard and this is what we came home with...

large, heavy boards with splinters & black gunk.

But they would suffer no longer, because their make-over was soon under way.

The next step was washing and sanding = HARD WORK & NO FUN :(

But what a difference...

here are our clean, smooth, re-energized boards.

You can almost hear them say, "been so long..." as they admire their new found beauty.

Now we are ready to start building.

And just a reminder of the structural look we are going for:

And here is a tiny peak at the finished product.

Follow along with me to see the progress the handy husband continues to make.

June 27, 2012

hooked on hooks

Just as I love the cute, fun knobs that I wrote about here,

I also have a love for pretty hooks.

I have a small desk space at the end of our kitchen, near the laudry room and right next to our little bar area :) that I use ALL the time.  It is my little family organization/laptop station. 

I like to keep it a simple, neat, organized space, but I also like it to be a pretty space.   So I recently added a couple of pretty little hooks.

So here is the space. Looking from the kitchen.

And here it is from the dining room {this room is still a major work in progress}.

And here are the hooks I added.

I added this beaded flower hook on the side near our dining room.

And then this flower petal hook to the back wall behind my desk.

And here are some others that I thought were really cute:

June 26, 2012

floor pouf

I love the look of floor poufs.  I think they add a nice final touch to a design scheme while being so versatile.  They can work as extra pull up seating, an impromptu side table, a foot rest or just a charming conversation piece. 

And Target, it truly has everything.

These final two are from Target.

This wool flower pouf below would be so perfect for

a baby girl's nursery,

or little girl's room. 

So sweet.

A visually pleasing design accessory that is also a comfy, multifunctional addition to any room. 

June 25, 2012

mello yello

When I see yellow, I can't help but think about summer!  It's so cheerful and reminds me of sunny days and lemonade.

And these amazing views...

  a little dose of cheer for your day :)

June 22, 2012

friday's happiness is...

being part of this family.

The past several years Kristi Zontini with  bellababies photography in Houston has photographed our family and we have loved all of our pictures!  She did our engagement pictures, my bridal portraits and she has also photographed both Preston and Lyla.  She is wonderful!  Her work and her studio are gorgeous! 

For this session, we were part of a very large group family photo session with my husband's family.  Jen with jen armstrong photography did these pictures and she was amazing!  She was so cheerful and patient working with 16 people for large group pictures, 5 smaller family group picture sessions, 5 kids under the age of 6yrs and 2 different locations.  She is so easy to work with and her products are fabulous! 

If you need a photographer is this area, either of these ladies are excellent!  Thanks Kristi and Jen!!

Hope your weekend is filled with happiness!

June 21, 2012

table tales

Chapter One

When we were selling our old house and building our new home, we decided that we wanted a new look for our dining room.  We no longer wanted the traditional, formal dining room that we had at our previous house. 

So craiglist it was, and this shiny beauty was sold before we moved!

Now the search for a new table began...

But it didn't take long

before I fell in love with this:

Showed my husband the pics of what I liked and his answer -- "I can build that."

Me: "Um okay.  You think so?????"  (thinking that he is really handy, but this is going to be a large piece of furniture in my house and then what if he spends all this time and hard work doing it and then I DON'T LIKE IT - YIKES)

Husband: "No really, I can.  It's easy.  And it will be a lot cheaper"

And so that's how the dining room table adventure began...

Here are some pictures of what we started with:

We dug through this old reclaimed lumber, with hopes to find pieces that would work.

And yes we did!!  Those dirty, splintered, VERY dense boards on that fork lift would soon have a new life.  Once a part of an old building built in the 1890's in San Antonio, TX, they would soon be reborn into our family dining spot :)

Follow along as the handy husband transforms them!