February 28, 2017

Instagram Outfit

Hi there!  I am popping in quickly this evening to share the links to this picture I posted on Instagram yesterday, since I had several DMs about the Flutter-sleeve Top and the Converse sneakers.  I directed people to my "SHOP" tab, but sometimes the tabs are hard to find if you're not on a full desktop version, so here are all the details...

When I shared the top, most sizes were still available.  But then quickly only large and now only medium is available.  So if you can't find your size, keep checking back or hit the store (Old Navy.)  My location had several and it's a new arrival, so I bet it will be restocked.

The Converse sneakers are the 'shoreline' version and I love them?  They are a slip-on and not as long as the original ones, so you can order your regular size.  I wore mine all weekend at my daughter's cheer competition (we did a ton of walking) and I was completely comfortable in them.  I do wear mine with the no-show/no slip socks.  So, it still looks like I have no socks, but prevents any rubbing.  They also come in several colors:  charcoal, black, white, navy.

I hope that helps.  Have a great evening!

February 21, 2017

Kitchen Update and Inspiration

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you all had a nice weekend!  I wanted to do a little update on our kitchen remodel.  You may remember before Christmas we had our cabinets painted and then the holidays came and we took a break from house projects to enjoy our time celebrating Christmas and birthdays.  Our biggest problem now with our kids being the ages they are is "time."  They are so busy with after school activities and weekend activities that it's hard to fit in the diy projects like we used to.  February is always a busy month for us, as winter sports overlap with spring sports so we are usually doubled up for the month which allows even less time.  But as we approach the end of the month it's a relief to know we almost made it and the winter sports will finish up and things should slow down a bit anyways.

I saved the picture above from IG for inspiration.  And by the way...are you LOVING the Instagram save button?  I use it all the time!  I used to have so many screen shots of stuff I wanted to save, so I absolutely love it!  I really am not much of a Pinterest person.  I just can't get into it.  I very, very, very rarely save to Pinterest or look up stuff on there.  So this feature was an amazing update for me.  Anyways, I saved the picture above because we have the exact same window, cabinet, sink set up in our home.  One of our plans is to trim out our window, add a roman shade and add a new sink.  So the colors won't be the same, since we are doing white cabinets with a dark granite, but the overall look I hope to match.  I love everything Jenni from Dear Lillie does...she is amazing!!

So this weekend we got back to the kitchen and busted out the backsplash. 

Next up is drywall and then replacing the backsplash.  My original plan was to go with white 2 x 8 subway tiles and create a herringbone pattern, but now I'm leaning back towards classic white 3 x 6 subway tile.  The reason for the change is that the backsplash is such a small area that I feel like there's not a big enough space to really get a good herringbone pattern going.  Does that make sense?  And of course after told my husband (who will doing the tiling) that I think I changed my mind, he was all about it, since a horizontal pattern will be so much easier to install. 

We also replaced the knobs on the cabinets with these.  We are really liking them and they are a fraction of the cost of the name brand hardware that looks very similar.

Lighting and seating are pretty much the same as my original plan, but I'm now thinking about changing out my breakfast table chairs with these Riviera Side Chairs instead of using this style for my barstools.  The reason being is that I added bamboo roman shades to our family room and plan to add them to the breakfast nook and I think with my current chairs it will be too much of the same material. 

I also think I might put the Darlana pendant (a larger size) over my breakfast table as opposed to above the island and use this library sconce above my kitchen sink.  My island is small in size and the breakfast table is so close by that I feel like 3 pendants in such a close area will be too much.  And again with this plan, the electrical change will be so much easier on my husband.

So overall still the same general look for the kitchen, but tweaked a bit.  Sometimes it's nice to not rush a remodel as you figure out what works for you as you live in the space; however, our pace is not my favorite either :)

Have a great day!

February 13, 2017

Spring Styles

Blue and White Striped Tops

Hi everyone!  The weather here has been so warm and Spring-like that all I can think about is warm weather clothes.  I bought this top around Labor Day last year, so I only got to wear it a few times and I can't wait to wear it again.  It's also on sale for $19! 

And here are a few others that are so cute:

Casual Sneakers

I also tend to wear sneakers a lot this time of the year.  And these New Balance are still my favorites, but I have this pair and this pair (love the gray) in my shopping cart.

Cute Handbags Under $50

And here are three of my favorite, budget friendly handbags.

Is the weather warm where you live or are you still deep in winter temps?  I'm so not complaining, but I always get a little nervous for how hot our summer will be when it's so warm this early in the year.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

February 7, 2017

Current Favorites

Two - Fold Over Clutch

Three - Floral iPhone Case

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We spent ours in San Antonio and had a really fun time!  We stayed on the Riverwalk and really enjoyed the quick trip.  Being out of town on the weekend always makes Monday a tough one, but we survived.  Now that Monday is behind us (always a good feeling, right?), I'm ready to take on the rest of the week.  February is always a crazy month for us.  Our kids' activities overlap, with the Winter sports finishing up and the Spring sports kicking off, but it all seems to workout if we take it day by day. 

Today I'm sharing a few random favorites.  I've had this sugar cookie recipe for years now and it's one of my favorites.  I love the simple, not too sweetness of sugar cookies.  While browsing a few sites yesterday, I found these last two accessories.  Both are so cute and perfect additions for Spring.  I badly need a new iPhone case, so I was happy to find this one.

We are having such a Spring-like weather week here and I plan to enjoy it as much as I can.  It is a bright, sunny day with a high of 80!  I spent all my free time last week in our backyard removing a huge section of grass around our pool and today I'm off to one of my favorite places...the Garden Center!  Now that I have a blank slate to work with, I can't wait to fill it with new landscape!  A lot of our plants are blooming and it's so warm, I feel pretty safe to add new plants.  Hopefully, we don't have a late freeze.  I'm chancing it, because I can't help myself. 

Enough rambling, randomness...have a beautiful day!

February 1, 2017

Valentine Gift Ideas | For Her

Three - Lip Glow Balm

Good Morning!  It's February 1st, which means Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  Today I rounded up a few of my favorite V-day gifts for her.  I love the soft pink and blush colors paired with white and gray.  I have a pair of pearl earrings and a similar heart necklace that my husband gave me years ago for Valentine's Day and they are still two of my favorite pieces of jewelry.  I also love to sleep/lounge in cute PJs, and I think this striped and lace set  is adorable. 

Forward to your hubby if you see something you love :)  A couple of years ago for Christmas, my husband went to Nordstrom and pulled up my blog and showed a sales lady a few items from my "SHOP" tab to help him find me a gift.  So I always make sure to picks things I love, just in case ;) 

Enjoy and have a beautiful day!