July 15, 2013

diy inspiration board

Continuing to work on our home office makeover, I finally found an inexpensive solution for the big, blank wall above the back desk...a simple inspiration board.  I already had this large bulletin board sitting in my closet, but it was a bit too boring, so I decided to dress it up a bit with a fun chevron pattern.

  1. Supplies - a plain cork board, ruler or tape measure, tape, pencil, speed square and paint.
  2. I placed the speed square in the middle of the bottom of the board to start creating my first chevron and moved out from there.  I cut straight edges on my tape to create the peaks and then cut the tape near the frame with the straight edge of my scissor to create a neat pattern.  As far as the size of my lines, I had one inch tape, so I made the width between the next chevron one inch as well keeping everything an equal distance.
  3. Continue taping the chevron pattern to your desired height across the board.
I also wanted the frame to be white, so I covered the remaining cork parts and then began painting.  I used white spray paint and pulled the tape immediately after painting to create nice, clean lines.

I'm so happy with how it turned out.  It fills the wall, it's functional for this space, and it fit into my budget :)
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