August 16, 2013

5 on friday

Hello Friday!  Even though we didn't have much going on this week, it's always nice to get to Friday and welcome the weekend!  Participating with the 5 on Friday fun group of ladies with another round-up of randomness.  So here goes:

1.  Worked on a little diy in Lyla's room yesterday, that I'm so happy how it turned out!  She was super excited as well.  She is definitely opinionated about what goes on in her room and loves to be right at my side helping.  Pop back in next week for all the details on this little project!

2.  Found these cute sandals on final sale at Loft for $9!!  Super comfortable!  P.S.  Don't mind my toes that are in major need of a pedi -- just focus on the sandals ;)

3.  Ok, I am now swooning over this watch!  Kate Spade Gramercy Grand!  And it is totally instagram and Megan's fault ;)  Megan shared a picture of it on her instagram feed and now I can't stop thinking about it!
4.  Back next week with a full round-up of pictures and details of our trip, but in one word it was magical!

5.  And finally number five, this crazy funny video.  Love Jimmy Fallon and the The Roots and the fun spin they put on Robin Thicke's song Blurred Lines!  It makes me smile!! might even cause a little chair dancing and toe taping, so view at your own risk ;)

5 on Friday

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  1. Hi Becky!

    1. Can not wait to see what you did for Lyla's room! Molly and I have been thinking about projects for her room lately!
    2. LOVE the Kate Spade watch, maybe I'll just add that little gem to my birthday list!
    3. Love anything Jimmy Fallon, this video makes me smile!
    4. Just found the sticker exchange letter and we'll be mailing that off soon! Sorry about the delay! Molly loved picking out stickers though!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks Liz! No worries about the stickers :) Wishing you an awesome weekend too!

  2. Your sandals are SO cute!!! Have a great weekend girl.

  3. Love the sandals. And yes, I too have had my eye on that watch for some time now.

  4. Those sandals!!! So cute with your pink toes. I might need to head to Loft this weekend...

  5. Love the sandals! I need to get over to Loft and check out their sale tomorrow.

    Can't wait to hear about your trip…love the family pic!

  6. I'm so behind on blogs... eek! Love the sandals! So cute! And that watch is awesome too! Great job on the bookcase - can't wait to read all about the details!! Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  7. The bookcase looks great!!! Love your sandals! And isn't that video hilarious?!?! We recorded that episode and have watched it several times. Jimmy Fallon is a riot!!!
    Glad to have found your blog!


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