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January 8, 2015

Our Sunday Dinner Tradition

 photo f00e7e26-74af-4510-8db3-e405a4daee09_zps49f73a92.jpg

Hey there!  Today I wanted to share our Sunday evening dinner tradition with you.  Not sure when we started this, maybe a year ago, but it's become one of my favorite nights of the week. 

We eat all of our dinner meals during the week at our breakfast table which is right off our kitchen and then opens to our family room.  So in between busy practice schedules, after school activities, and late work nights, it's often rushed and sometimes involves the TV.  And if we are running to back to back activities, sometimes dinner is in the car.  I don't love it, but it's just the reality of our lives right now.  So, we decided that every Sunday evening (and holiday meals) we would eat at our bigger, nicer dining room table.  No TV, no rushing, just a slow paced meal all together working on manners and enjoying each other's company.

 photo 0a2d27a6-48a2-46e2-9c22-c4de17a847b6_zps4c7276ff.jpg

 photo d770e87d-5166-4470-b546-bad55369227d_zps8406ef1e.jpg

 photo b49dab7a-c0b3-4d30-aeea-f0e0d85c3b3e_zps2b6fccff.jpg

It's been really fun to plan our meals, doing different little themes and just enjoying an uninterrupted meal together with just us four.

The kids help set the table and we use our nicer glass plates and drinking glasses.  We like to put on a little background music and then as soon as we finish our prayer, Lyla is quick to jump in with an opening toast which is always cute to hear what she comes up with.  Once the kids are finished, Grant and I usually linger a bit longer finishing our wine, while they entertain us by practicing their piano which is right around the corner in the study.   

Our meal is nothing too fancy, but a little nicer then our week night meals and involves a yummy dessert!  This blue and white very simple setting was my table for last Sunday.  I love fresh white flowers for the new year!  Next Sunday we are doing a Chinese dinner complete with fortune cookies and chopsticks (which the kids are really excited about!)

 photo 0ade295e-2aed-4ffc-bf26-4159e6fa1b32_zps0240bb18.jpg

 photo 9bf23e57-77e0-4f22-ad21-dc935dc0c3f8_zps55d7b802.jpg

I used to have big goals of us eating every single dinner together, but it's just not possible.  And most nights we are all together eating, but just in more of a let's hurry and get it done mode.  I think you have to do what works for you and your family at whatever point you are in your life.  Right now we can't do a focused sit down for a long meal every evening, but we can definitely do once a week and holidays.  And I'm okay with that.  And maybe in the summer and on school breaks we'll throw in a few more.  But for now, I love our special Sunday dinner :)

Have a lovely day.

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  1. I love that you are trying to do this. Growing up (and even now), I always wanted my family to have meals together at the table without TV in the background, lol... I was militant about it when I came home for visits in college. I love that you've found a day to make it work for your family!! Something is something!!

  2. Beautiful table setting. And, a fabulous tradition. We made it a point to sit down as a family to eat at least one meal a day together. Some of our fondest memories are from around the table.

    1. Thanks Lauren. It's crazy how busy life glad we have stuck to this!

  3. The table looks great! It's wonderful that you do this. I'm sure you are making great memories for your kids!

  4. It's so funny to read this today Becky because I recently decided that we are going to totally do away with our kitchen table and chairs (and eat every meal in the dining room) and get some comfy swivel chairs to turn that space in the kitchen into a little hang-out area. Why have a room set aside for dining if you aren't using it? We try to eat dinner as a family most nights but haven't ever set aside a night once a week like you do to have a special meal - totally love the idea and will be trying it out at my house!

  5. Becky your table looks so pretty all set for your Sunday dinner. I love that you started that tradition and hope you keep it going through the years as much as you can! We have busy afternoons/evenings too and it's so nice when everyone is around the table. Even if it's just a regular weeknight meal, if everyone is home I light the candles, put Pandora on and get the whole crew to sit down to eat together and chat about our days. I know this is what we all look back on fondly when our kids are grown :)

  6. What a special tradition you are nurturing! I think it's so important to have just that little bit of designated uninterrupted time together. How fun!

  7. In the hustle and bustle of everyday living, these special family times really stand out and in the future, will be fond memories for your kids. Good for you putting in the extra effort. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I used to have big goals of us eating every single dinner together, but it's just not possible. And most nights we are all together eating, but just in more of a let's hurry and get it done mode. I think you have to do what works for you and your family at whatever point you are in your life. cotton duvet sets double , pure cotton razai


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