May 16, 2012

Happiness Is...

Family and friends.  I love my wonderful family, my awesome man, my beautiful kiddos and feel so thankful to be blessed with many great friends!
The beach.  I love the dreamy, exotic beaches around the world as well as the wonderful Texas gulf coast beaches!
Fashion.  I love Tory Burch, J.Crew & Anthropologie, as well as Target, Forever 21 & Old Navy!
Interior design.  I love design magazines, design blogs & design shows!
College football.  I love to cheer on my Texas Longhorns, and love college football gameday!
Fitness.  I love Lifetime Fitness and the feeling of completing a workout!
Traveling.  I love desinations both near & far!
Coffee & blogs.  I love to start my day with my coffee & daily blog reads!
Wine & Bravo channel.  I love a glass of wine in my hand while watching my Bravo shows!
Organizing.  I love to organize a room or closet and it makes me happy get rid of stuff!

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