June 13, 2012

bits of our weekend

We were so excited to get up on Saturday morning and not have to run to a soccer or baseball game.  The kids really enjoyed their seasons and we loved watching them play, but a free Saturday morning was way overdue!  So we lounged a little and then headed to one of the pools in our hood :)  The water slides are a definite favorite with my two!

And then Sunday was Lyla's first big dance recital.  We were so proud of her to get up on stage and perform her two dances in front of a few HUNDRED people.  We weren't allowed to film or take pictures in the theater, but here are some pictures from back stage.  She did a tap dance to "Feel the Jungle Rhythm" and her ballet was to "High In the Apple Tree." 

And we tried to get a picture before we left and this is how that turned out...LOTS OF SILLINESS :)

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