June 1, 2012

Friday's Happiness Is...

School's out for SUMMER!!  Preston finished his kindergarten year yesterday!  He had a wonderful year and has grown so much!  We're so proud of how well he did and all he accomplished!

I'm excited to have a break from getting everyone up early, packing lunches, and rushing to catch the bus at 7:30 am every morning.  But I'm sure being the "entertainment director" everyday will get old too :)

Here is Preston running off the bus in the rain for the last time as a kindergartener :)

And then this would be my front door {sigh}:

No more school, No more books, No more teachers' dirty looks :)

Hope your weekend is filled with happiness!

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  1. In yet another moment of intellectual brilliance, I kept scrolling down to check out all the awesome pics & uploads u have w/o giving my positive feedback. I had to slow down when I saw these & congratulate u on a successful kindy yr & good luck at social event coordinator/entertainment guru this summer!


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