June 19, 2012

pieces of our weekend

At the last minute we packed up the car and headed to the coast this past weekend.

We took the boat to this one particular spot that is full of hermit crabs.  The kids love collecting and playing with them and it doesn't take long before we have a bucket full.

There are also LOTS of shells, which keeps this little one entertained

Here's what we came home with to add to our collection.  We always set the hermit crabs free before we go, but after we got these home and cleaned them, we noticed one of the shells started walking :)  Sneaky little guy was hiding well.

We also did some fishing, but the what we caught was nothing to brag about :)  But for the kids, they are happy to catch anything.  Frequent little fish are better than waiting on one big fish for them :)

A pole for mama bear, papa bear & the two wee little baby bears :)
Can you guess which belongs to who??

We strolled on the beach enjoying the waves, the sun, the boats passing by, the birds, the crabs, and all the other beachy sites and sounds!

Only 3 more days until we see you again weekend - YAY!

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