June 5, 2012

think pink

I started this post by uploading my pictures first and then when I went to type in my title my brain derailed.  This is not a post about Grease & the Pink Ladies if your brain went there too!  But since that's where my thoughts lead me -- to act cool, to look cool and to be cool, til death do us part.  THINK PINK!  Ok, so I may have had a small obsession with those Rydell High School chicks as a child.  And we may have even had a couple of  impromptu adult Grease dance parties as well :)  Anyways, enough digressing.

Moving on -- here's a look at some pretty pink clothes, purses, accessories and home decor.

I have added a little pink to my own home decor too:

And just for fun...

I met a boy, cute as can be. 
Summer days driftin' away
To uh-oh those summer nights...

Whoooh ooooh who's that guy. 
Where did he come from?

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  1. I had no idea of ur affinity for Grease or Dallas--great idear to blog, Beck;) Ur grandparents had 12 channels? Was that a combination of uhf & vhf or do I continue to date myself?


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