July 11, 2012

table tales

Chapter three
{If you need to catch up on this topic you can read chapter one here and chapter two here.}

Let's start building!

Starting with the base.

clamping this thick board down to notch it out

so that this longer board will fit in place

And here is the base of the table with all the parts put together

On to the table top -

the boards were joined together with woodworking biscuits

and then glued and clamped together.

Here are the first three clamped together - we did a total of five boards for the top.

To be sure that it was level and suitable for dining,

we had to apply the drink-levelness-test ;)

and it passed - nice and level! 

And again, here is the structural look we are going for

And a seek peek of the finished table

Continue along with us as we finally get it all put together.

Til then,
Thanks for following :)

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