October 3, 2012

lighting and landscape

Did you guys see Emily's new light in her kitchen?

About a year ago, we changed out a couple of light fixtures, and we chose the same lantern for our breakfast area. I was so excited to see that she picked it for her kitchen because I love her style and adore her blog.  And I definitely like her bulb better - we had a different one when we first installed it, but it didn't put out the light we needed.  I'll need to look into finding a larger one.
On a different note, we have been super busy doing yard work in our back yard the last few days.  We hit up the Garden Center because of their 70% off going on now.  It's really easy actually planting the plants, but getting the grass out and making the beds is A LOT OF HARD WORK.  I skipped the gym and did my own 8 hour workout on Monday in our backyard :)  I've lost count on how many 40 lb bags of soil I've carried??  Thankfully the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so that made it a lot more enjoyable.
The only thing I miss about our old house is all the mature landscape.  We planted almost everything in our backyard at our last home.  So, we are working hard to get back to this:



Have a wonderful day!


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  1. How fun that you and Emily have the same lantern. I love it in her space and yours! Your backyard looks lovely! I think your 8 hours of worked paid off :)


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