November 1, 2012

halloween twenty twelve

The pictures above are of Preston and Lyla last night before we met up with our friends to go door to door. 

And then here are some once the trick or treating began.  They were running so fast door to door with their friends that we could hardly keep up, much less get a good picture.
Hope your evening was safe and full of Halloween fun!


  1. So cute! We had the same deal, luckily we had the jogging stroller with us! ;)

    Would love if you came by and joined us for the New Year's Cocktail Exchange!

  2. Hi! I'm here from the blog hop! Your blog (and children!) are completely adorable! I am loving the halloween costumes. I hope y'all had a fun halloween!! Have a great week :)

    xo Mason (

  3. I'm just stopping by from the blog hop! I love your blog - it's so pretty and your pictures are awesome! Cute kids too!!! I am also a Texas girl and so I knew I had to say hi and follow along.
    <3 your new follower

  4. Funny how different our kids look trick-or-treating...mine looked about 20 lbs heavier than they are because of all the sweaters layered under their costumes :)

  5. New Follower from blog hop!

  6. Happy Halloween!
    Very cute children.
    Children are very happy and.

  7. Such adorable costumes! I am visiting from the Monday Mingle and I am a follower of yours now. Would love if you could come visit and follow me.



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