November 20, 2012

toy organiation ~ part two

About a month ago I shared our toy storage wall system in our playroom.  Today I wanted to show another corner in this space that is set up as a small art center.  We have a desk that holds coloring books, paper, and a few "upstairs safe" colors.  I keep almost all the kids' art supplies in our downstairs kids' art closet, but I'm OK with them having chalk, crayons and the wonder markers up here. (If you're unfamiliar with the wonder brand markers and paints, they are clear unless used on their specific paper or books.)  They love the Ikea easel which is a chalkboard on one side and paper on the other.  The bucket lazy susan helps keep the writing tools organized and the yellow polka dot container holds a couple of smocks that the little artist can wear while they create ;)  The green lap tray from the Land of Nod comes in handy to sit on the floor and color on too.  My daughter loves to color and create, so having a space in our playroom with art supplies available is a hit with her!
So that wraps up part two of our playroom toy organization. 
Have a great day!!
And if you're interested in more on our toy wall storage system and kids' art closet, check out the links below to read the full post:



  1. Oh, I love this idea!! You are so organized!!
    I'm excited you joined the the CHQ Blog Hop this week! Hoping you make some new bloggy friends and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    xo, Meredith @

  2. Amazing organization I wish I could pull that off! New follower thanks to blog hopping!


  3. Wow! I wish my 4-year-old's toys were this well organized! Your rooms and holders for toys and art supplies and just wonderful. Visiting from the Mommy Moments hop. Already your follower.

    Tina - American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

  4. Oops! I meant to write, "are just wonderful."


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