January 15, 2013

chalkboard love

With February soon approaching, I decided it was time to change up my chalkboard to display something to celebrate the month of love.  Adding this little four letter word and a sparkly heart garland has been a nice change to my desk space.
I love chalkboards.  This one by my desk is part of the Pottery Barn daily system.  I was browsing yesterday for a chalkboard for my mudroom and came across a couple that I thought were really cute.  Love the calendar, cubbies and hooks on the ones below!


I think either of these would be perfect for a mudroom!

Have a great day!! 


  1. I love chalkboards too.I have two in my living room, DIY one and one from Ikea for my girls:) a bit to much?:))

  2. I love BOTH of those!! (pin...pin...pin...)

  3. ahhh love chalkboard stuff too! stopping by from the blog hop! your blog is super cute =] cant wait to read more! xo

  4. I'm obsessed with chalkboard ... love painting with chalkboard paint on everything from my girls' bedroom door to random objects like the DIY Chalkboard Magnets I blogged about last week :) L-O-V-E how you decorated yours for Valentine's day and the sparkly heart garland is too cute!! :) Thanks for sharing! ;*)


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