February 20, 2013

our patio

Unfortunately, this first picture with this gorgeous waterview is not our patio :)

When we moved almost two years ago, we got rid of our old 4-seater set and kept a small 2-seater table and chair set.  And this set works out fine when it's just our family, but when we have friends over we have to pull out other folding chairs to have enough seating.  Below you can read more of our current patio situation.

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We started looking for a conversation patio set last summer, but WOW there are some expensive sets out there and because we couldn't find a set that we liked and that was in our budget, our patio got put on the back burner.  But with Spring soon approaching, I started the search again and we finally came across this collection on Amazon.  It has great reviews and it comes assembled.  I'm always a little skeptical about furniture that comes in several pieces that have to be put together.

So, because our patio is smaller (we hope to expand it one day) I finally pulled the trigger and purchased four of these chairs below from the collection.  Ideally, we wanted a loveseat and two chairs, but this collection only had a 3-seater sofa, which we felt was too large for our outdoor space.  Our plan is to put two of the chairs side-by-side creating sort of a loveseat.  And then the other two chairs on opposite sides of the "loveseat"  facing one another (if that makes sense?)

It's supposed to be delivered this week and I can't wait for it to arrive!  I'm picturing it with some potted plants and flowers creating a comfy outdoor space!  Once we get it all situated, I'll be back to share some pictures.

Here was my inspiration collection from Restoration Hardware that I really loved, but at $1100 per chair and $340 for a cushion it was not working with our budget.

So I'm really happy with my $200 Amazon chair and cushion. I think it's a pretty close match with a much nicer price tag!

One other set we also considered getting was this set below which is also reasonably priced.

{Threshold Belvedere Wicker Conversation Collection}

I am so ready for Spring!  And I'm even more excited to enjoy it on our back patio with this beautiful new patio furniture!  What about you...are you ready for Spring?



  1. i'm looking for furniture like that too - and i'm going CHEAPER - i don't have $$$ for outdoor furniture - thanks for the budget friendly choice!

    PS pass it along - giveaway going on at my blog :o)

    1. Hi Erika! You are welcome ~ love passing on a good deal!

      It was delivered today and it is a really nice set! I'm so happy with it! I think it looks better in person.

  2. what a great find! it does look really similar at a fraction of the cost!

  3. My jaw dropped at that first picture thinking it was yours all I could think was dang she has my dream patio... oh wait that is literally the same picture I have in my wish list book! haha

    Great bargain shopping on the chairs. You are a rock star!

    Thanks for stopping by the Oh HAPPY Day link up too.

  4. I wish that was the view from our patio as well :) Dreaming is fun though! Meanwhile, it's dreary and overcast here right now so dreaming is what I'm doing.

    I love the furniture set you chose, especially since it is such a good deal compared to the alternative!

  5. Beautiful ... & I too am so ready for Spring!!

    Stopping by tonight to let you know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!! You can check out the post where I nominated you, linking to your fabulous blog, at: http://chattingoverchocolate.blogspot.com/2013/02/receiving-and-bestowing-honor-of.html ...Congrats!! Have a terrific night, Becky!


  6. Wow, what a stunning view and surroundings that would be if that was your patio in the first photo, lovely!

    Loving the Biscayne collection, the furniture looks well suited to patios, very nice.
    Joe @ Creative Doors

  7. You can't even tell the difference from those patio sets! That's a really good purchase! I love your new furniture! By the way, I really thought the first photo was your patio. Haha! Anyways, good luck on your "Project-patio"! Always remember that "Great design, creates the atmosphere. But great company, creates memories"!

    Cristen Eacret

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