March 25, 2013

bringing spring indoors

Good morning!  Hope your weekend was great!  Ours was filled with both kids having a ball game and Lyla's 5th birthday party.  Lyla had her softball pictures and 3rd softball game Saturday morning and then Preston had opening weekend for his baseball team with a game later that afternoon.  Sunday afternoon we celebrated Lyla's birthday with a dress up and tea party at the Storybook Cottage.  More on those events to come :) 
We have several plants that are really starting to bloom including this one pictured below.  I'm not even sure what this plant/bush is called, but we have a couple of them around our home and they are full of these tiny white blooms right now.  I went out and clipped some bunches so that we could enjoy them inside.
I added some burlap and ribbon to a mason jar to use as my vase. 
They added a nice touch of Spring to our mantel last week!


  1. great idea! the flowers are beautiful.

  2. I am SO using this idea once my lilac bush blooms! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love anything with burlap, what a great idea

  4. So beautiful! I think they're called Bridal Wreath or something. We have a bush in our backyard. I think I might have to go cut some of it to bring inside.


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