March 11, 2013

Easter Tablescape Sneak Peek

Happy Spring Break Week!  Do you have any plans for the week?  We actually had a pretty big trip planned for this week, but had to reschedule it for the summer due to a sick little one.  We were supposed to go to Disney World, but the last thing we wanted to do was take a sick kiddo.  There were tears, but I think it was the best choice.  Our kids have never been, and we want it to be a great trip!  So, we are staying home, resting and getting well.  Our park tickets won't expire and we were able to re-book our hotel.  So instead of heading to Florida, we are going to work on a couple of projects around the house and maybe a quick trip to the coast at the end of the week if everyone is well.
Anyways, back to my post. 
While I was working on my diy spring vases, I got inspired to think about my Easter tablescape.  I had the remaining tulips from the vase project sitting on my dining table and I started pulling things together.  My color palette, inspired from the random diy vase project, is this beautiful shade of blue.  I love how it's coming together and can't wait to enjoy it!  I'll of course need a new bouquet of tulips, and a few finishing touches to make it complete.  Excited to share it with you!  Hope you'll come back next week to see!



  1. I can't wait to see the whole picture!!

  2. This looks beautiful! Love the nest with the turquoise eggs - it's adorable! Look forward to seeing the whole table!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! The nest is a favorite of mine too :)


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