April 4, 2013

office paint process

I've given you a sneak peek at our office paint project, and today I'm happy to share our paint process with you.  After we saw how amazing our kitchen cabinets turned out by spraying instead of brushing, we decided that would be the way to go with this furniture as well.  You can go here to read more about that project if you wish.

Grant bought this paint sprayer for $11 bucks and attached it to our air compressor and it worked like a champ.

This furniture set was old, so we removed the old doors and decided to leave it as open shelving.  We also replaced the wavy trim board at the bottom to a straight simple piece similar to the top trim piece.

Everything got a good coat of Kilz original primer.  And then the spraying began.

Here are the file cabinets getting a coat.  We took all the drawer sliding parts and hardware off and gave everything two more coats of paint.  We used the same paint that is in the rest of our home for our trim and cabinets.  It's Kwal pure snow acrylic paint.  My husband watered it down to a thinner consistency so that it could be sprayed.  Because it was so thin, we were able to get two coats on a lot quicker.
Here is an old table desk we bought about 10 years ago from Bombay.  I wanted this office to be mostly white, with this one piece (which would be in front of the rest of the furniture) to have a little contrast.  I choose a light shade of gray.  I absolutely love this shade of gray and already have plans for a future project using this color, but it is too light for what I wanted in this space.  So, this piece will get a darker coat of gray to contrast more against the white.

And again, a quick BEFORE.

And AFTER paint.

Still lots on the agenda for this space.  Hope you'll stop by tomorrow to see my plans :)



  1. I'm loving all of your updates. Keep them coming!


  2. So good to know...I had no idea I could buy a sprayer attachment for my air compressor for so little. I think I'll give this a try on my daughter's dresser, which is waiting for a makeover!

  3. Looks great!! It's amazing what a difference a coat of paint makes, isn't it?

  4. very impressive!!! I love the new look with white - what a huge difference a little paint can make, right?! great job!!!

  5. This looks beautiful so far!

  6. This is awesome! Would you mind sharing the two colors of grey you mentioned in the post--both the lighter and darker?

    Thanks so much!

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