June 5, 2013

happy summer

Good Morning!  We are now hours away from summer break!  Lyla finished her preschool classes a couple of weeks ago, and today is Preston's last day of first grade :)  So because today will officially start our summer, I decided to surprise the kids with a special treat.  I used this recipe, but instead of strawberries to decorate it, I used these bright colored gumballs!  Both P & L had a great school year and we are now ready to celebrate summer time!!  I love the thought of the whole summer laid out in front of us to do as we please.
And here's a look back at how we started the 2012-2013 school year:
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  1. Us too! Yah for summer! Now.. bring on the lake!

  2. LOVE THAT CAKE..... so bright and fun! Bet your kiddos were in heaven! And the icing looks great --- I've attempted a few and always feel like the icing looks like a 4 year old worked on it! Ha!!!

    So glad you found my blog and left a comment.... catching up on yours now! :)

  3. This is so adorable! What a cute way to start the summer, and I love the gumball idea. Makes it more color and kid-friendly!

    You're such a cute mommy.

  4. Precious and so fun! I love the little pennants and bright colors! I'm pinning it! Thank you for sharing at All Things Pretty!


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