July 19, 2013

diy gold vases


Happy Friday Friends!  I am on a roll with diy projects this week :)  I have been so smitten by all the "golding" happening lately, that I finally decided I needed to add some gold glam to my home.  Admiring the work of Courtney and Cassie with their amazing diy gold vases, I followed their lead and gave a few of my inexpensive vases some bling.

This was a really simple project that went something like this:
  1. Supplies - vases, tape, and gold metallic spray paint.
  2. Tape off your vases with your desired pattern.  Press the tape firmly around the edges.
  3. Once your vase is taped, start spraying.  It only took one coat of paint and then I peeled the tape immediately to create nice, clean lines.
And that's it.  Clip you some of your favorite flowers and enjoy!

My crepe myrtle tree is so full of blooms right now that the branches are completing bent over, so I clipped a few blooms.  So happy to have a punch of pink blooms to enjoy in my new gold vases.



  1. So pretty! I just painted some milk bottles and mason jars this way for Arden's birthday party! And why haven't I thought to clip some blooms off of our crepe myrtle?! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Can't wait to see your project. Hope your weekend is a great one too :)

  2. Gold is really coming back and this is such an easy way to play around with it! I love how your vases turned out! I know what will be on my shopping list this weekend:)

  3. LOVE these! How easy and chic looking

  4. can you go wrong with gold?? i loveee these!!!

  5. Love how your vases turned out - especially the short, round one!

  6. This looks like something I might want to do for an upcoming party. Love this look, thanks so much for sharing!


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