August 22, 2013

a pretty box

Ok, one more project with this roll of wrapping paper.  Back to school shopping has brought me these nice sturdy shoe boxes.  They are a great shape...long and narrow and just the right size for my home office desk.  And the lid is attached which is also nice.


Loving this little box!  Not only is it functional holding several office necessities, but it adds some fun color and pattern to my desk. 
However, soon after I placed it here, a little girl felt like it belonged in her room on her desk since it matched her bookshelves ;)  So we'll see...might be making one more :)  But I can do that...a free box and $1 wrapping paper that has now made 2 projects already!  No problem!
Hope your day is a great one!!
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  1. Such cute box and bookshelf ideas! Wrapping paper is the untold secret of home design. I recently made 2 coordinating "prints" by matting and framing 2 different sections of black and white scroll-design wrapping paper purchased at HomeGoods. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. All the projects that you've done with the wrapping paper are so cute! Now I'll think twice before throwing shoe boxes away!

  3. I love it!! I just used a $1 roll of Target wrapping paper to cover my bulletin board in my classroom, and it adds so much more than a plain piece of paper!

  4. Sweet!! What a cute little space!! Thanks for sharing!


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