September 9, 2013


Good morning!  Thank you all so much for the all the sweet comments about my 2012 Fall décor.  Reading comments is one of my most favorite things about this blog...they really make my day!  I recently started following some new amazingly creative gals on instagram and I've been so inspired.  I really love instagram and how it captures real daily life and captures the little moments, which are often the most special moments for me.  And  I love seeing other friends on a more personal level, I enjoying learning about everyone's lives and getting some behind the scene updates on other bloggers' projects.  My next goal is to print some to display and maybe even make a book.  So here are some of my favorite instagram pics from last week!

So are you an insta-addict like me?  It's so fun! 

You can find me there  @thisishappiness!

Have a great day!


  1. Cute pictures! I too love me some Instagram!! I love capturing moments, the filters always make the picture look extra great too!

  2. I love your pictures. I just started using instagram, so I am still getting used to it. I love looking at pictures of my family, so I think I am going to become addicted to this app.

  3. Cute pictures! I love your little girl's pink skirt!

  4. They are so precious. Having fun following along!!


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