September 3, 2013

washi pencils

How was  your long weekend?  Do you feel rested or like you need a day off to catch up?  I can actually say that I feel rested.  We decided to stay put this weekend and love that we didn't have any major plans.  Love weekends like that! 

I've been trying to add some pretty supplies to our office desk, which lead me to this project.  I've seen so many super cute projects using this awesome tape.  This one was easy peasy...just cut the tape to your pencil length and wrap.  My particular roll was not that wide, so I actually wrapped each pencil twice. 
 Has the washi tape bug bitten you? 
 you can also find my here:


  1. We love this project, the pencils look precious next to the happy colors of our bargello catalog! Can't wait to try this project at the Coton Colors office!

  2. The pencils are so cute, and it looks easy to do. Love the idea! Will definitely have to try! My niece will love!

    Misty @ The BarnPrincess

  3. I am an office supply junkie! I had never heard of this - I will have to check into it for sure. I've always got to have my Ticonderoga pencils!

    Am stopping by from the GFC Hop. And am your newest follower!



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