October 30, 2013

wednesday wants

 {Claremont tote - J. Crew $298}

{striped sweater with heart elbow patch - ASOS $39}

What's on your wishlist?
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Have a great day!



  1. Love that heart elbow patch sweater...too cute!! I love the camp skinnies, but I would rather wear them with heels than boots and heels rarely make an appearance these days! :) Have a great day!!

  2. I love that red striped ASOS shirt!! The elbow patches are awesome! I need it!

  3. I want a pair of leopard print pumps SO badly! Love the striped tops as well, both of them. =)

  4. I'm dying, dying over those leopard pumps! They are fantastic! And I of course love the striped sweater with the heart patches. Super cute!
    I'm so torn over the camo pants. They look so cute on others but I worry they wouldn't be right on me. I'm sure they'd look adorable on you Becky!

  5. Love. That striped top with the heart elbow patches is adorable!

  6. I just got a pair of camo pants and I love them! Now I just have to figure out what to wear them with!

  7. elbow patches are my new obsession this season- I want that sweater floating around Pinterest with the sequin patches!! by the way, I've nominated you for The Sunshine Award- The details are on my blog! Thanks Becky! :) http://jessisdesign.blogspot.com/2013/10/thanks-to-miss-taylor-tattered-to.html


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