January 6, 2014

valentine inspiration

simple front door garland

Hi there!  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  We've been busy doing a lot of cleaning, rearranging and donating this weekend!  I love cleaning out and getting rid of stuff we don't need or use anymore.  The clutter and disorganization makes me feel overwhelmed and stressed.
My children are still home one more day today, so keeping it short and sweet with a little V-day inspiration.  The dove candy peanut butter blossoms are amazing!  I recently pinned them and they have quickly been repined over 100 times!  You can click the links below each picture for the full post.
Enjoy your day!



  1. Yum! And that cake looks diving! The pink color is exquisitely perfect!!! xx

  2. Those cookies look amazing and easy - my two musts if I'm hitting the kitchen! We spent a solid two days in our basement cleaning out and organizing too. Not a fun project but I agree that it feels so good to get rid of the clutter!

  3. I'm all into decluttering and organizing right now also. Those cookies make me wish I could still eat peanut butter!

  4. Is your house really decorated for Valentine's already and did you really bake that amazing cake?! Girl you're on top of it! Could those cookies be any cuter!

    1. No, these are 3 post I did last Valentine's Day! Still dragging my feet after the holidays :)

  5. Those cookies look so good and I LOVE that pink paper straw - such a nice touch :)

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  8. Seriously am loving the simplicity of such sweet Valentine décor. I love it!!


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