February 12, 2014

children's valentine's day craft


This is such a fun craft to do with little ones for Valentine’s Day.  My two love to discover what the hidden message will be after they paint on their heart.  If you have children who can read, the messages are fun to do, but just drawing a simple picture for a younger child and having them paint over it to “magically” reveal the picture is really fun too.


For supplies, all you need is cardstock or regular white paper, watercolors and a white crayon.  Simply write on the heart with the crayon and then have the child paint it to reveal the words or picture.  I think words of encouragement and affirmation are so important to give to children, so I love to incorporate my children's activities and remind them of what a good job they are doing J


For some reason this holiday is one that brings out the crafts in me :)  Simple little projects like this or making a special Valentine's Day breakfast are little things I like to do around this holiday.  They seem small, but I think little traditions and expression of affection are so important for children.  So for me Valentine's Day isn't all about the romance, but about love for my family <3



  1. Love this craft! (I could totally do it, yay! :)) I'm with ya on expressing love, not so much romance on this holiday. I think the little things are often what stick the most with our children (and those we love).

  2. This is the cutest idea! I am totally doing this with Brayden!

  3. What a fun idea. My brother and I always loved the secret messages when we were kids.

  4. Oh my gosh that is so cute! And easy! I love this!


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