February 4, 2014

diy gilded arrow


Seems like arrows are everywhere right now in both fashion and décor, so why not make your own gilded arrow just in time for Valentine's Day.  This is a really easy, inexpensive project which is my favorite kind of DIY.  So let's hop to it.


Step One - For your supplies you'll need a thin wooden dowel, cardstock, gold spray paint, scissors and glue.

Step Two – I used 4X6 pieces of cardstock which seemed to be just the right size to create my arrow and tail.  I folded the cardstock long way, creating a crease down the middle of the card to give it more of a three dimensional look.  Then trace your desired shape and cut.  You’ll need two of the arrow and two of the tail.

Step Three – Glue the cardstock to your wooden dowel one shape on each side, gluing the cardstock pieces together as well.  Once dry, cut your “feathers” with scissors.  Next spray paint your arrow with desired color.


Enjoy this arrow for Valentine’s Day or leave it up year round and join the arrow trend.