February 17, 2014

pom pom tutorial


Happy President's Day!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Today was supposed to be a school holiday for us, but it became an ice makeup day instead.  So with kids back in school, I’m thinking some President’s Day sale shopping is on the agenda for me.  But first I wanted to share a very easy tutorial with you.  When I was taking down my New Year’s décor, I took the white and gold pom pom garland that I used to decorate for New Year’s and hung it in Lyla’s room.  She really liked how it looked but wanted pink, of course.  So, down came the gold and white one and we made a smaller pink one and placed it under her name.  And here’s how we made it...


Really, really easy.  I used a wooden spatula and started wrapping the yarn around it.  Keep wrapping until you are at your desired thickness.  Then removed the bundle and tie a piece of yarn around the middle.  Once it’s tied, cut the looped ends with scissors and then fluff your pom pom.  Tie them to another piece of yarn and hang!



I love the fun, little whimsy touch it adds to her room.


  1. Lyla's room just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I'm hoping to sneak a few pom poms into my youngest's room when we redo it!

  2. I love pom poms! So cute and fluffy. Thanks for the tutorial, no other ones ever seem to work for me. ^_^

    1. Thanks Amy! This one is super easy and so far has worked great :)

  3. I saw this a while back but I guess I didn't comment. I love it! The simplicity and the statement...perfect. Love your blog.

  4. Love pom-poms and I REALLY love that big gold heart on her wall!

  5. Becky, this is the sweetest room!! I love the simplicity and fun details, the pom poms are perfect! Thanks for stopping by Best of the Nest!

  6. I used this same technique for the pom pom mobile in Weeks' room. Still one of my favorite things!

  7. Such a beautiful room! Perfectly girlie! I love it!


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