June 25, 2014

Easy Summer Craft

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Hey there!   I hope everyone's week is going well!  With Preston at a day camp last week, Lyla and I had a few hours of one-on-one time.  She loves to draw, color, paint and do anything crafty, so we came up with this easy little project last week.  She has a small desk in her room that needs some decorating and organizing.  So after seeing this post as inspiration, we decided that a cute clipboard for her desk/room would be both decorative and functional. 

 photo ee_zps1f59ddd1.jpg

Here's a reminder of my sweet girl's room :)

 photo 2014-06-231_zps3cb9641c.jpg

Really a super easy project, but fun her!  With all the supplies already on hand (clipboard, paint, heart stencil, small paint brush or Q-tips), we got to measuring and painting immediately.  And in no time we had this adorable diy heart clipboard completed <3

 photo 087a6e5f-c8cd-4b0e-9c59-48d6079e333a_zps56b118e1.jpg

It definitely added some instant cuteness to this plain, brown clipboard.  And she is, of course, so proud of her new desk accessory ;)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. What a fun project!! I have a few of those plain clip boards laying around.

  2. This gives me a great idea to let my little boy do some painting (with mom's help of course). We'll make it for his little sister! Such a fun idea. Our's might now be as perfect as yours due to some toddler help. :)

  3. So cute - I've got two little crafters too and I know they'd love this!

  4. This couldn't be cuter! I'm sure your lit'l sweetie will enjoy it much! :)


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