July 16, 2014

Summer Mantel

 photo 57e75e44-8bdb-42e8-b4e3-3fa1f8bbe6af_zps94b504c9.jpg

Hi there everyone!  How is your week going?  Ours has been a pretty slow one, so I've been walking around the house tweaking everything.  There's been lots of musical décor going on in several rooms including our den.  I changed up our mantel a bit, pretty much clearing everything off and adding back only a couple of elements.
 photo 979b4958-a799-4b29-9aed-01db051c2500_zps13c436ae.jpg

 photo 72933593-9ffe-47cd-b148-d474c8208602_zpsa9a3a1b1.jpg

 photo dc54aaa2-c799-4c32-b6a4-782b790877a4_zps6c8a07e2.jpg

 photo 2979b87b-1cc8-4d5c-9afc-e299be517289_zps7965f492.jpg

If you've been around here awhile, you know my motto "style simplified" is pretty much how I like my home décor to look.  So I went with a simple, laid-back summertime feel and just let the beautiful white rock and dark cedar mantel be the main focus.  I added this pink floral pillow back in the mix for now and of course my favorite boxwood wreath is back with a fresh white ribbon.

Are you like me when you're home...walking around moving stuff from room to room?

Have a beautiful summer day!


  1. Love it Becky! I am with you...too much stuff gives me hives! LOL I love the simplicity of just adding the boxwood wreath.

  2. Oh it looks so pretty and the pink is such a great summer touch.

  3. Always a sucker for a good boxwood! And for your simplicity! Perfection. xx

  4. I like it simple too! Simple and pretty. :)

  5. We recently moved so I need some new ideas for our new space. I love how simple but classy your house is decorated.

  6. Adorably simple and I love that cute pink pillow!!

  7. So crisp and pretty. Where oh where is that adorable pink pillow from??

    1. Thanks so much Lo! I bought it from an Etsy shop a couple of years ago, and unfortunately can't remember the name.

  8. You and I are all too similar in our style - love your simplified mantel (and that pillow is the cutest!)

  9. I love that pink pillow Becky! So pretty! You always rock the mantel. :)


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