November 7, 2014

Fall Fashion

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Hey there!  We've had some cooler weather the last couple of days, which finally gave me a reason to pull out some of my warmer clothes.  I posted my outfit yesterday on IG and received so many sweet comments that I thought I would share my great finds here too.  I actually picked up both this scarf and purse at Target.  They were both a steal at $16 for the scarf and $29 for the purse.  The scarf is an in store only buy, so I couldn't share a link of this exact one, but found one very similar.  You might still be able to find the scarf in stores...I got mine about 2 weeks ago.  And the purse is MUCH cuter in person, the Target website picture is not so great, but I was able to link that one.

And today we are finishing up our week long Thanksgiving Tastes and Tablescapes series with Amy @ The Blissful Bee.  Hop over and check out her beautiful table and yummy recipe.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the way you tied that -- I have been having a hard time with that scarf. Do you have a tutorial?

    1. Thanks Katie! I played with it for awhile too and ended up making it look like an infinity scarf. Started by throwing both ends to the back, crossing them around the back of my neck and then tucked them inside the front loop of the scarf. I hope that makes sense.

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Snagged this scarf after seeing it on the gram. Too cute thanks for sharing it!


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