December 15, 2014

Dear Santa Letter

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Hey there!  Is this holiday season zooming by for you guys?  How is it that we are in our last few days of school before Christmas break?  I seriously can't believe it.  We are leaving for a ski trip in a couple of days, so in between rounding up cold weather gear, last minutes school projects, cheer competitions, basketball practice and Christmas shopping, we also started thinking about our letter and treats that we are going to put out for Santa before we leave.  Because even with our crazy, busy schedule, the treats for Santa are a big deal for a couple of kiddos in  my house :)

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This letter is one that we have been putting out the last couple of years and I still just love it.  I think it helps remind my children the true meaning of Christmas and adds the whimsy of Santa too.  It's short and sweet, but gets the message about where our focus should be.

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Does your family have any fun traditions that ya'll do the night before Santa comes to visit? 

Have a great day!


  1. Becky that is such a sweet letter, I love that idea! Like the Tooth Fairy occasions, we were always scrambling at the last minute to put something out for Santa, however one of the traditions my family always does with the kids is have a birthday cake on Christmas day and sing happy birthday to Jesus. The kids help to make and decorate the cake, it's a nice way to help them to focus on what we are celebrating, like your letter. Have a wonderful time celebrating the season with your kiddos, and on your ski trip!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Love the birthday cake idea! My son's birthday is actually December 25th, so we usually sing happy birthday to him and Jesus too :)


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