February 4, 2015

Indigo | Design Trend

 photo 687e5a15-de3a-45c1-8b01-7c870d471548_zpsoy0wwr1v.jpg

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone's week is going well.  So, have you noticed all the indigo or navy color trending in home design lately?  Do you like it?  I think blue fits so many styles from classic to contemporary.  I love a deep, rich blue paired with white.  This top picture is gorgeous.  The contrast against the light, linen furniture pairs beautifully.  But as much as I dig the look of the dark walls and trim, my personal décor style would be to incorporate this color in small doses using accessories like in some of the following pictures.

 photo 89c915ff-1105-4da1-b504-175c6d9ceaae_zpsxmoh1094.jpg

 photo f49d419d-1c4f-42ef-b041-41d4a1a537d8_zpsegypwlbb.jpg

 photo 1c491bb0-0f78-4df8-ac86-251c9caef934_zpseaqapja4.jpg

 photo 1dbbcee6-644d-41ff-9f5c-48029fcbc544_zpsmzjasodd.jpg

 photo c41619f6-63de-43a0-8d1d-f04c0bd6a37c_zpseshswl1m.jpg

Not only does the indigo pair well with whites, but I love it mixed with golds or yellows, as well as coral and orange.  So, so pretty together.  So, what are your thoughts...do you like the trend?  Is your style more of a go all out and paint the walls with it, or accessorize with it?


  1. I have always been a fan of blue and white. However, after having a kitchen that had navy walls and counters along with white cabinets for many years...I opted for something completely different this last go round. I do how still like to accessorize with those colors.

  2. I am loving Navy right now for home decor!! I have started adding some navy here and there in our Master to switch it up a bit but im totally in love!


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