March 11, 2015

Home Tour Update

Our Home
 photo b522bba8-9158-45cf-9693-657668f4735f_zpsxjt5vvao.jpg

Good Morning!  Things have been a little slow around here lately, as Grant and I were able to sneak away on a little getaway.  We will be celebrating 15 years next month and decided to do an early trip while the kids were out on Spring Break.  We had an amazing time and I will share more soon.

You may or may not have noticed that I did a little updated on some of my home tour pictures.  I previously had it in a flipbook, which I really liked too, but a little more difficult to update and change as my home décor and projects changed, which happens a lot.  Even as I look at these pictures, I see a few updates I've made already :)  And we have finally started to price tile for our kitchen backsplash, so I'm hoping after spring break we can get rolling on that.

Anyways, I finally decided to just make my home tour a traditional post.  You can scroll down to take a little tour of most rooms in our home...

 photo c6011e93-8786-490b-aee9-189faaaf7c5d_zpsyo0gx3qy.jpg


 photo ece89b7c-cbe6-44e3-99cd-bddf74157bfc_zpsbwz91xmv.jpg

 photo 409776b9-621d-4798-b03f-810de76eff08_zpsunxdvgxl.jpg

 photo 1e1b9cba-666a-4909-9a2a-997af22ec3ff_zpswhtluqhf.jpg


 photo 93fa1c3f-fed5-4fa0-b2ed-dfa6a0830487_zpstk3ygr3f.jpg

 photo 3d3e618d-9a6d-414b-98cb-3ea3cb82e8d6_zpsouajw4cd.jpg

 photo 798bd849-f47f-4cf1-b1e4-dea81150ff3b_zpsgmytdb84.jpg


 photo 197f2908-9647-4b28-84b0-527ddf51ecbd_zpsftw3fjdm.jpg

 photo 7f08d135-5d1a-45e6-b584-39ee8f30ceb2_zpskjlejdm1.jpg


 photo e633bd35-bcb0-4515-be58-0e4eb9960b69_zpshu3bzkkk.jpg

 photo a76213d4-2fd7-4ced-a595-692a06cbce01_zpsakpmudeg.jpg

Master Bedroom

 photo 209a7d6b-4bd2-4e31-b7e6-0fd3cc755658_zpshn31y6wu.jpg

 photo ff74a1b9-017a-4544-9cfa-b1390a00b4e3_zpstkmswihj.jpg

Lyla's Room

 photo 1faad48c-11e1-429d-a7ef-7493b9017c1a_zps3pgs45aa.jpg

 photo 2c6d8805-b389-4091-8840-dbc7bdff6a85_zpskmey2x2o.jpg

 photo c6b0ea50-0e59-4ef6-90a6-05a13015d6f5_zpsxnuz066c.jpg

 photo e011d33b-d47c-4caa-a2e7-50ec284e6ef8_zpszxaavazy.jpg

Preston's Room

 photo e55d80a7-35d4-4898-b4a1-abd5e626d934_zpsuqe1vucq.png

 photo fa6895f4-e0e6-4320-aadb-a8029db191b1_zpsnesrc73r.jpg


 photo 08a091be-1106-401b-a5a7-e31b77065f26_zpsclitvd0l.jpg


 photo 20fc514e-0410-4748-9ced-d43c5fdb52b4_zpskj8wwncz.jpg


 photo b2ea03b5-9910-457b-b50c-fd69d44b45f8_zpsz5jtcmox.jpg

 photo 5c94017e-19f6-4179-8b4a-dfc74492b42f_zpsij8ysfbx.jpg

 photo 1cb6c503-723f-4a39-aec4-f5f5dd59d8cf_zps4fykonjz.jpg

Have a great day!


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  2. You have created such a lovely home, Becky!! I love every last fabulous detail! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Brenda! I feel like it's still a work in progress, but I think that keeps it fun! You are always so sweet :)

  3. Becky, your house is amazing! I could move right in...

  4. Just happened to stumble upon your blog and I loved your home tour post! I think Lyla's room is my absolute favorite since yellow is my favorite color. But the rest of your home is absolutely beautiful as well. There are so many little details that have really inspired me. Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Your house is gorgeous! I love all the white. It's such a refreshing color to surround a home with. Also, it made the tiny splashes of colors stand out even more. My favorite area would have to be the patio. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Becky! All the best to you! :)

    Willard Evans @ Wow Homes


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