January 19, 2016

My Makeup Must-haves

I hope you all had a nice weekend!  We had a good one.  We were able to catch up on a few things with the extra day, as well as look at a few houses, in between my son's basketball game on Saturday and then his baseball tryouts on Sunday.  Not sure what we would do if we ever had a totally free weekend.  It's been a long time since we had one of those. 
I am by no means a beauty or makeup expert, but I have a few basic everyday products that I love and thought I would share today.  There are some days I go around with no makeup, but most days I like to do a little bit.  And of course, I add a few more products for special occasions.  The Naked 2 Basics Eye Shadow is just the right shades for everyday wear.  Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush in Shade 02 adds the perfect color to my cheeks and I love their cute case!  The Smashbox Eyeliner is great.  It goes on easy and stays on.  I've used a really light layer of Bare Minerals Matte Foundation for years and it's great to even out my complexion.  As far as mascara goes, I've found that the cheap drug store brands work just as well or better than the more expensive ones.  I'm currently usually this waterproof Maybelline Colossal brand.  And I forgot to add it to my picture, but Burt's Bees Lip Shine in Blush is my favorite everyday lip gloss.  It adds a little color and shine.
Do you have any makeup products that you really love?  Leave me a comment if you do...I'm always looking for recommendations.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love Urban Decay shadows, and that kit is one of my favorites too. I recently stumbled upon It Cosmetics CC cream and love it. Their lip glosses are awesome too.

    1. Haven't tried that brand yet. I will keep it in mind. Thanks :)

  2. I love the things you have shared here for makeup I had not tried yet this product but now inspired to use this all . Really a nice blog. Keep sharing more with us.

  3. I can't be without the original Naked and Naked 3.

  4. My 15 year old daughter and I were just talking this afternoon about mascaras and she loves this very one you mention. She also got the Naked makeup palette for Christmas and she is schooling me on such things now. How did that happen that my little girl is the one in the know? Thanks for sharing your product, I LOVE reading what other ladies use and need to check out that Smashbox liner. I tried their mascara and liked it!


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