March 28, 2016

Santa Fe Trip

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  Today I wanted to share a bit about our recent trip to Santa Fe over spring break.  It was our first time to visit there and we really enjoyed it!  A little bit different ski set up then we are used to as there is no lodging or ski in ski out places right near the slopes, but you get the added bonus of the town plaza which is filled with charm and culture.  We stayed at the Eldorado hotel and spa which is right in town and walking distance to everything.  The ski area is a gorgeous 15 mile drive up the mountain.  The picture above is taken on our drive up to the slopes. 

When I called a few weeks before our trip to book ski school for the kids, the Chipmunk Corner was full.  So we ended up doing a 2 hour private lesson for both kids two days in a row, which ended up being so worth it!  They had ski for the first time last year in Tahoe, but they really got the hang of it this year.  The instructors took them straight to the lift and they never had to wait in lines, so the repetition they got was great.  The lessons also allowed Grant and I to ski a few runs together.  And then on the last day, all four of us were able to go up on the lifts together and ski several of the green slopes.  It was so nice.

We also explored some of the hiking trails and a little sledding slope.
The town plaza area is really a beautiful setting.  It has lots of fun stores to shop and delicious restaurants.  We spent part of our first day and most of our last day in the plaza.  Definitely a wonderful place to visit!


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