April 27, 2016

Latest Loves | April Style

What are your thoughts on the off the shoulder tops that are EVERYWHERE?  I really love them!  Perfect for so many occasions both casual and dressy.  And most of them you can also wear as a one shoulder, and I adore that look too.  And I'm a sucker for straw totes for the summer.  Of course this one with the stripes is fun!  The tassel trend is still going strong as well, making these sandals a great buy for the summer.  And just FYI, most the Ray-bans at Nordstrom are still 25%.  If you are wanting a pair for summer, now's the chance to get them on sale.  And finally, does anyone have a pair of these white cropped jeans in the collage above?  I have such a hard time with white jeans and wanted to know your thoughts before I purchase.  Love the price and the cropped look.
Here are a few more cute off the shoulder tops:

And I just ordered this striped ruffled peplum top yesterday (see below.)  I love peplum tops!  This one is extra good with the stripes and ruffles.  It's on sale for $24.99 with the additional 50% taken at checkout.  (P.S. While I was checking my links this morning, the sale changed a bit overnight.  Now 40% off with code BRSAVE.  Still a good deal!)

Have a beautiful day!


  1. That last top is so cute Becky! Thanks for sharing - I need some new tops this season!

  2. I am all for off the shoulder tops. The only thing I need is a good strapless bra to go with them, mine seems to always slowly inch down through the day!

  3. I so badly want to try the off the shoulder tops!!!! Unfortunately I can foresee my 3 year old doing an encore performance of yanking mommy's shirt down for the world to see. I still feel for that poor male vender last year at Round Top. SUPER awkward....


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