August 9, 2016

New House | Patio

We have been in our new house for 3 months now, and part of the reason I've been slow go on the interior is that we have spent a lot of our time working in our backyard.  It's nothing super exciting to show since it was mostly removing old shrubs, trees, pavers, bricks and lots and lots of rocks.  Once we removed everything, we replanted grass, landscape and added mulch. 

We also have a pool in the back that needed lots of attention.  We have spent a few weekends cleaning the filters, the tile, power washing the areas around it and making many trips to the pool supply store.  I feel like we finally have it looking the best it can for it's age and functioning really well again.  We have future plans to redo the pool area, but not immediately, so getting it looking better was a huge goal of ours. 

Not only have we spent a lot of time fixing up our outdoor space, but we have had lots of fun back here too.  The pool, even with it's vintage look (which I will say has grown on me a bit,) has been so nice with the sizzling hot summers we have in Texas.  We have spent many hours swimming and grilling out here with our friends and families this summer.  It's been a great added bonus to this home. 

This seating area we created with pieces we already had, so the only new item is the umbrella.  My patio furniture is a couple of years old, but here is a similar set.  The throw pillows have changed a few times already.  The black and white striped ones, I purchased at h&m awhile back, but these are similar. 

I still plan to add outdoor string lights.  I love the look of the globe string lights lit up at night.  We also have a little area on the opposite side of the pool that gets a really great breeze and I think it would be a great spot for a pair of Adirondack chairs.  My husband wants to add a fire pit as well, which would be nice for cooler evenings.  Just like the rest of our house, we have a list of things we hope to do out here too.

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  1. What a great area! Envious of the pool.

    1. Thanks Lauren! The pool has been really nice this summer :)

  2. Love the patio and the pool. How fabulous

  3. Love living in my new house. When we decided to stop paying rent it was a little scary at first. Looking back on my purchase, I wish that we would have made the buy sooner. Everything about my new house is amazing, and each day I walk around the property and still am shocked that I am now a home owner.


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