September 10, 2016

New House | Study and Piano Room Update

Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day Weekend.  We stayed in town and tackled a few little projects around our home.  Mostly outside yardwork again, but we finally moved to the front yard this time.  We are slowly chipping away at it.  The amount of trash that we pull out after each weekend is crazy.  Next weekend, we plan to fill in the landscaping a little and mulch, which should be it on yardwork until the Spring. 

We have several rooms in our new home that are in the "during" phase, but I thought I would start doing a few updates anyways, because I feel like there is always something I still want to do to a space.  So, I finally pulled out my camera a took a few pictures of our study/piano room. 

It's interesting how the use of a room changes from home to home.  In our last house, the study was mostly used by the kids to practice piano.  My husband would occasionally office from home out of it, but only a few times.  However, in our new home I don't have a desk in the kitchen, so this space is seeing lots of use.  Not only does piano practice happen in here, but I use the desk space everyday.  It's one of the first rooms you seen when you enter the front door, so it needs to be both functional and presentable. 

Everything in this room, except the round mirror, is from our previous home.  The baskets on the shelves got moved up to the top two shelves, allowing me to place my printer and other not-so-pretty office items on the bottom shelves where they can be hidden.  I pushed the two tall bookcases together and moved the file cabinet desk directly in front of them, so a little bit different set up from our last office, which you can check out here.  I like the cozier feel to the space with this new arrangement.

And below I included a couple of before pictures.  We painted all the walls and ceilings Palomino Gray by PPG and they are now a very light gray color, which absolutely love! 

And here is a picture of my furry design assistant.  She is always close by :)  I also really love facing towards the front door.  When we first moved in, I thought we would set the office up like our previous  home, which had me facing the wall.  With this arrangement, I have a much prettier view of our dining room straight across the foyer and the outside of our home through the windows.  There are four big windows in the front of our home, so lots of great natural lighting.   

As I mention at the beginning, I feel like this room is still in a "during" stage as I would love a larger rug under the desk and a new light.  The lovely boob light in the before pictures is still in here, so it's definitely on long list of "to-dos."  But it's finished enough for now to look nice when guest enter.  I have to keep reminding myself that it's not a sprint to finish this home.  It will slowly come together.  So thanks for following along at my marathon pace :)

Enjoy your day!


  1. Looks great Becky. I too have bookcases behind my desk and it faces out, I love being able to see everything that is going on.

    1. Thanks Lauren! I love facing out! It was such a little change, but really made a huge difference.

  2. SO beautiful! I'm loving all of your updates so far!

  3. What a great space! I love the paneling on the walls. Our office is such a mess. So much for us having the first room people see when they walk in make a good impression! Every time I just want to tell people to look to the other side when they walk in :D

    1. Thanks Shelley! Ours is immediately when you enter the front door too and happy to have it more pulled together. Thanks again for the paint color...I love it and get so many compliments!


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