November 7, 2016

Get Happy Holiday Party with Coton Colors

Good Morning!  This holiday season is fast approaching and it is my most favorite time of the year!  One thing I love doing during the season is creating fun holiday traditions with my children.  Special activities that we can look forward to doing together every year and things that they will look back and remember from their childhood.  This year I'm joining Coton Colors' Get Happy Holiday Party and making elf treats.  We always leave a letter for Santa and treats for him and his reindeer, but what about treats for his elves?  Well, we are not forgetting about those hard working elves this year.  This is a fun, simple holiday activity for you and your family using supplies you probably already have on hand.   

So here's how you can make elf treats with your family.

  • saltine crackers
  • glitter
  • Elmer's glue
  • wax paper
  1. Take a saltine cracker and dip or brush with Elmer's Glue.
  2. Sprinkle glitter on the saltine.
  3. Let it dry on wax paper.
  4. While the treat is drying, have the kids write a letter for your elf to deliver to Santa.
  5. Leave elf treats out overnight for your elf to eat on his way to the North Pole!

The kids had so much fun making these!  This was our practice run and we will be making them again closer to Christmas.

We decided that the perfect spot for these treats would be next to the fireplace.  The Happy Christmas platter with the elf attachment is so festive.  I love the red striped platter and the cute little elf.  It's a perfect addition to my holiday décor.  This collection is only put on sale twice a year and one of those times is now during Coton Colors' Get Happy Holiday Party.  This limited edition elf attachment is free with the purchase of a Happy Everything base, and you will receive 20% off your purchase now through Sunday, November 13th.  This best-selling, brand recognized Happy Everything Collection will be in over 300 boutiques throughout the nation, or you can shop for it online right here.

Happy Monday!


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