December 5, 2016

Holiday Meals With The Kansas City Steak Company

Good Morning!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  It rained all weekend here and it's still raining now, so we were stuck inside for most of our weekend.  But we did get to work a lot on our kitchen remodel so that was good!  Things are coming along and I hope to do an update soon. 

You may remember how one of my favorite times of the week is our Sunday dinner tradition, where we make a nice meal and set the dining room table.  We started a few years ago and it's still going strong.  It's our time to all gather together and catch up while we enjoy our meal.  The kids then take turns playing a few songs on the piano, while my husband and I finish our drinks.  It such an enjoyable time and a tradition we hope to continue for years to come.  Most of our Sunday meals usually include some type of steak.  My husband loves to grill, so he is usually in charge of the meat and I make the sides.  And a good quality steak is a must!  This week we grilled these Boneless Ribeye from The Kansas City Steak Company and they were amazing!  They were tender and full of flavor.  We knew they would be since this reputable company has been around since 1932 providing gourmet steaks and other top-of-line beef cuts.

For December, I decided to fancy up our breakfast table so we could enjoy our Christmas tree as well.  Being able to see the glowing tree while we eat is such a treat.  I love creating memories with our kids and the meals during the holidays are a special memorable time.  These steaks are a great centerpiece for a holiday meal, whether it's a casual family meal like ours or entertaining a larger group of loved ones.

The Kansas City Steak Company is also known for their gift giving solutions.  A perfect gift idea for loved ones this time of the year.  I know several of my family and friends who would love a gift of good taste including quality steaks and other fine foods.  When sending a gift to friends or relatives, you want it to be high quality and having personally enjoyed their steaks, I know this company is top notch.

The steaks come packaged in a beautiful, sleek black box and include The Original Steak Seasoning and a preparation booklet that contains cooking tips and recipes. 

So whether you need great quality steaks for your next meal or entertaining event, or if you want to send a special gift, The Kansas City Steak Company is your go-to destination for quality steaks and other fine foods.  They deliver only the best!

Have a great day!

P.S.  The 12 Days of Holiday Homes is going on.  You can see the complete line up of homes participating here.

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