March 30, 2017

Spring Break Ski Trip

Good Morning!  Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on our entry.  Things are slowly coming together in this home.  I can't believe next month we will already be living here 1 year! 

I've been meaning to do a recap of our trip to Breckenridge, CO over Spring Break and finally got a few pictures off my phone to share.  I again brought my "good" camera, but didn't take a single picture with it.  So everything is with my phone, but they still capture the beauty of the mountain and some of our fun!  The picture above and below is the view from our lodge deck area.

Skiing for spring break is becoming an annual trip for us.  I love the weather at this time!  I am definitely a warm weather skier and the same for the kids.  It was overcast the first day we arrived, but then the rest of our trip was beautiful blue skies.

We stayed at The Lodge at Breckenridge and I would highly recommend it!  It's a small 40 bed boutique lodge with such a cozy feel.  It's located up the mountain, so it boast stunning views!  They have a wonderful shuttle to the ski area and great small restaurant and bar that had live music one night.  They also include a hot breakfast each morning, which is so nice to have before heading to the slopes.

These two are really picking up the skiing.  This is their third year to go and it's so great to ski together now.  We took them on their first blue, which was a bit challenging.  Neither fell, but they were a little anxious.  It was a really long run, but it seemed to boost their confidence once they finished it.

We drove to Vail, CO one afternoon and spent the day there.  Fun shopping and great food!

And we even had to stop for a family of moose along the way.  According to the lodge, this is a mama and her two babies that have been roaming around the area.

Another great trip with lots of fun memories!  This is our second time to Breckenridge...once as a couple and now with our kids.  It's a great ski town and we will definitely be back!


  1. What a beautiful place! I have only skied in Colorado once but we go to Vermont all the time. Now I want to make another trip out west! Thanks for sharing!


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