April 20, 2017

One Room Challenge Guest | Week Three

Morning!  Welcome back to week 3 of my One Room Challenge update.  Lots of dirty work to report this week, except for the pretty new gold pulls we installed.  If you want to catch up on where this room started, you can find all the details in these post: Week One and Week Two.  So let's jump to it!

New Hardware

I knew when we moved into this house I wanted to paint the cabinets and bring in some gold.  After shopping around a bit, I finally found gold pulls that looked much like the pricier ones I had been wanting at a fraction of the cost.  They come in many different sizes and you can buy them in packs of 10.  Because we already had pulls on these cabinets, it was nice to find these that actually fit the holes that were already drilled into the cabinetry.  I really didn't want to make any new holes if we didn't have to. 

Demo Backsplash

To remove the backsplash and sheetrock we used this sledge hammer and it worked great.  Pretty easy to remove, just lots and lots of mess to clean up.

New Electrical Outlets

While the back wall was open my husband made a few adjustments with the electrical.  He made few functional changes like moving a box location, but mostly cosmetic replacing the old faded yellowed outlets with new bright white ones.

New Cabinet Hinges and Drawer Rollers 

Another change we made was to change out all the cabinet hinges and roller tracks on the drawers.  I know it doesn't sound too exciting, but the old ones were really gummy and gross.  Once the cabinets were painted and looked so nice, having these new parts really made a huge difference.

And just to review...here is my plan for this space and what we have completed thus far:
  • paint the cabinets - Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • paint the walls - PPG Palomino Gray
  • replace hardware with gold pulls
  • new cabinet hinges and new drawer rollers
  • new electric outlets
  • replace the backsplash
  • replace outlet covers
  • trim out the window
  • replace the blinds with a roman shade
  • under cabinet lighting
  • move light above the sink to the wall
  • new light above the sink
  • replace light in breakfast room
  • maybes - new faucet, new barstools and chairs for breakfast
Lots of big tasks done, but still lots to do...


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