August 6, 2017

Beach Staycation 2017

Hi there!  I feel like it's been awhile since I've posted and I kind of miss it :)  I've been out of town for work and then the rest of our free time has been working on a little DIY project we have going on at our house.  More to share on that soon.

Since I took this new position we decided to stay close by this summer.  So we headed down to Galveston for a few nights and just hung out on the beach.  It's only a little over an hour drive for us which is a perfect getaway when we need it.  I did manage to take a few pictures, but only with my phone.

I hope everyone's summer is going well!  We have 10 days before school starts here, so we are definitely trying to soak up every bit of carefree days we have left.

Have a great day!

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