August 26, 2017

Random Fashion Favorites

Good Afternoon!  We were up most of the night last night due to back to back tornado warnings and pounding rain.  We had almost 10 inches last night.  So since we are stuck indoors this weekend due to the hurricane and luckily still have power, I did a little round up of some favorite items I've purchased or that I've found on sale.  The top above is a favorite of mine and it's on sale.  Below are a few sale items I have my eye on.

Sale Favorites

 Swimsuit Favorite

I am normally not a fan of most one-pieces swimsuits, but recently bought this one and love the fit! The black is classic and it's simple, but still really stylish.  The best part is that it's only $35!  I know that we are at the end of summer, but we still have Labor Day weekend.  And it will be nice to have a good suit to start next summer!

Thinking about everyone on the Texas Gulf Coast and hope ya'll are staying safe.

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