September 21, 2017

Gallery Wall

I am so happy to finally have pictures of our family on display in my home.  When I was in college and a new homeowner I had pictures in frames everywhere.  Then we moved to our second home and I had maybe two picture frames in our entire home.  I wanted to add personal pictures, but just never got around to it.  I think the tedious task of going through the thousands of pictures I have on my computer and picking out the ones to display played a big part.

When I came upon this post, I knew that was exactly the look I wanted for this big blank wall in our family room.  I loved the idea of a systematical pattern and decreasing the saturation in each photo to create a more muted color palette was perfect.

These are definitely some of my favorite candid photos that we all cherish.

I edited each photo in Pic Monkey taking the saturation to -75 and then ordered prints from Shutterfly.  All the photos are 11x14 and frames are 16x20.  For this wall, four columns and three rows fit best.  Most of these pictures are from my iPhone.  The look I was going for wasn't perfect posed professional pictures, so even my iPhone pics with lower resolution turned out great!


  1. Becky your gallery wall looks amazing! I love how you edited the photos and the size of the grouping, it looks great!

    1. Thank you Lisa! So happy to finally have our some of our favorite photos displayed!!

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  3. How did I not know that you used to have a basset hound, Becky?!


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