October 12, 2017

ORC Guest Week 2 | Home Office French Doors

Happy Thursday!  Welcome to Week 2 of the ORC guest series.  This week I'm sharing how we installed French doors to help define our home office space.  I'm assuming this room was designed to be a formal living room, so it has this large opening directly across from our dining room.  We really have no need for a formal living room and the need for an office was much more in demand.  I wanted to have the option to close off the room if needed, which these doors and side panels provide.

My husband installed these himself.  He special ordered them with the matching side panels to fill the additional space.  We looked into other types of doors (barn doors, etc.) but decided on these as the best choice to fit the traditional style of our home.

Above is a quick reminder of my overall look for this space.

Thanks for stopping by!  Check back next Thursday for a new update.  And you can catch up on Week 1 here.


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  2. Wow! The doors look amazing Becky - I can't believe it's a DIY! What a great space to call your own! I'm absolutely dying for an office and am living vicariously through you!

    1. Thanks Lisa! He surprised me too that he could do these himself :)

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