November 7, 2017

Fall Into The Holidays | Living Room

Welcome back to Week 3 of the "Fall Into The Holidays" series.  This week we are featuring the "living/family room," so I decided to share ways to style or transition your mantel for Fall or Thanksgiving.  And if you don't have a mantel in your living room, this could apply to a console table or shelf, etc.

The first three photos are from our current home and the last four are from our previous home.  I included both homes so there would be more inspiration.  As you will see, fresh flowers and fresh fruit are a common theme in both.

First up is the mantel in our current home...

And below are pictures from our previous home...

Both mantels I kept really simple, as is my general decorating style.  Small touches that bring a Fall feel to these spaces.  If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, fresh flowers or greenery and live Fall fruits are easy ways to spruce up your space for your guest and leaves time for you to focus on the FOOD!

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And we will be back next week Tuesday sharing ideas/simple projects for the Dinning Room.


  1. Love your simple mantle for Thanksgiving! Eucalyptus has always been a fav of mine. And now that you’ve mentioned Thanksgiving food, I can’t get it out of my head :D So hungry!

  2. Beautiful! I love styling mantels for the holidays! And as you mentioned, I love the food as well! :)

  3. This is beautiful, love your pretty round mirror!

  4. Love the pears for decorating! Why don't I do that?? I'm with you on simple decorating with natural things, but you pull it all together so beautifully!

  5. You definitely have a knack for choosing the right things to make a statement on the mantel! Love those pears!

  6. Love how your simple ideas pack a punch! The pears and greenery are the perfect addition to your mantel!

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